How it Works

Helping those in need

During this time, the only thing we can do is stay inside and practice proper social distancing and hygiene to hopefully reduce the number of cases of COVID-19. We hope this can end as soon as possible, but if not, we are ready to help those in need for as long as necessary.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill out the “Request a Delivery” form.
  2. You’ll get a phone call from a volunteer in your neighborhood who will be completing your delivery, so you can confirm for them exactly what you need and where you need it from. We want to make sure we get it right!
  3. You can choose to pay in one of three ways:
    • Call the store in advance to place the order and pay with your credit card over the phone, letting them know someone else will be picking it up on your behalf
    • Provide your volunteer with cash before they complete the order
    • Reimburse the volunteer after they pick up your items
  4. Whatever payment method you select, your volunteer will include your receipt in the delivery bag and leave the bag at your doorstep, ringing your bell so you know it’s arrived. Voilà!